Week 8


Squat 60kg 5/5/5/5/5

Bench press 47.5kg 5/5/4/3/1

Deadlift 95kg 4


Squat //

Overhead Press 37.5kg 5/5/5/4/3

Barbell Rows 45kg 5/5/5/5/5


Squat //

Bench Press 47.5kg 5/5/5/3/4

Deadlift 95kg 5

Pretty bad week really.

I only marginally failed the deadlift on Monday - I've changed my grip now to a mixed grip because the bar was slipping from my hand; on the third rep the bar almost slipped whilst the fourth I had to readjust my grip and that affected the fifth rep, hence the fail. I've also got to change my plates: I have octagon shaped plates (8 sides), I thought they'd be good at prevent rolling but they're proving to be inadequate for the deadlift - I'm finding that when I descend from the lift I inadvertently place the bar down so it rests on the corner of the plates, which means it subsequently rolls forward and affects the following lift. I've ordered round 25kg plates so that should remedy that problem. Because I didn’t squat today (Friday) I spent most of the time messing about on the deadlift, did 5x95kg, then I did 3x100kg, another 5x95kg then 3x90kg.

Surprised that I almost done the bench press from a dismal performance on Monday; should get that next time. Also reckon I should get the overhead press next time; surprised I almost got it on Wednesday.

Squats are an issue now - done 60kg which were okay but painful on Monday, but I'm suffering from too much pain / really bad soreness around my hips / inner thigh - it must be something to with the hip flexors. To put it into perspective, even without the bar I can just about break my knees and then I can't go any further downwards without feeling some pretty pronounced pain / massive discomfort, it's got to the point where I can't really squat. There's no way I'm putting 62.5kg on my back, which is a lot for me, and feeling masses of pain as soon as I break my knees and sit backwards.

I tried 62.5kg on Wednesday but on the first rep I went leaned forward too much and the weight fell on top of me and was caught by the safety bars. Because it hurts / painful when I descend, I’m instinctively compensating my leaning forward excessively, hence I lost balance and fell forward. So I can’t keep form properly because of this issue. Previous to trying the 62.5kg, I did 3 sets at 40kg and 3 sets at 50kg, which hurt but I soldiered through it – I can’t really do that anymore, especially for the heavier weights.

As I said above, the last two weeks I've developed a bad complex where I don't like squatting because I know the pain / soreness is going to be there, it's gotten worse since Monday. Psychologically, it’s impossible psyching yourself up knowing that even on a marginal descent you’re going to feel a load of pain. I was doing the deadlift today, which was difficult but enjoyable - that's what the squats used to be like before I got this pain around my thighs. I'm going to keep stretching and ditch them next week and allow my lower body to recover.

I’m going to start doing this hip mobility exercise twice a day and hopefully it will help alleviate this pain:

[url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1jC1sWTUFc&feature=my_favorites&list=FLwJ Tb0gtm16Iurjx9iYYbbQ[/url]

It means I don’t really have a proper leg exercise for a while, but I can still do deadlift so hopefully that’ll be alright.