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    New update:

    Squat: 95kg
    Bench Press 67.5kg
    Overhead Press: 50kg
    Rows: 60kg
    Deadlift: 125kg

    Been on a calorie deficit for a while now; last month or so I've been eating about 1,800 calories a day, 1,900 workout days. Feel okay but pretty sure that's why I haven't really made all that much progress on the main lifts. Workouts take a while to complete now as well with all the extra volume I've added - I'm fine doing it, just takes a little while to complete.

    What's everyone think about switching to a Wendler like programme? I might have to be away for a few days each week / every two weeks because of work which means 3 sessions per week with a day apart might not be doable - I think a 4 day split of the sort that's the basis of Wendler might be better - then I go workout both days on the weekend which I can't currently do. Are my lifts high enough to warrant that sort of change? I'd rather keep going because I think I can milk it me, especially once I've finished this deficit but it's going to be difficult not being at home for a few days each week.

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    Well I love 5/3/1. 3 days per week is fine with it. That's what I'm doing currently.
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    Thought I'd give an update:

    Squat: 100kg
    Bench Press 72.5kg
    Overhead Press: 55kg
    Rows: 60kg
    Deadlift: 140kg

    Not much change to be honest. I've changed the squats from 5x5 to 3x5 - just wasn't making any progress on it with the additional sets. Even with the 3x5 it's still a struggle - I'm just not strong on this exercise at all.

    Making steady progress on everything else. Carrying a bit of weight now on my belly; going to continue bulking until August, then I'm going to go on a savage cut, about 1,500 calories and try and burn it all off in three months. Previously when I tried dieting for January & Febuary I was eating 1,800, which was too much. 1,500 should do the trick.

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    Still going on strong. Got a new routine now: upper/lower split 5 days a week - Monday (lower); Tuesday (upper); Thursday (upper); Friday (lower); Saturday (upper).

    The 3x full body was getting too much - the new routine is great, it's modeled on Wender's Boring But Big but I'm still doing the progressive overload because I can still milk it on the main lifts.

    I'm going to bulk for another two months then I'm going to go on 2/3 month cut again.

    Bodyweight is: 77 / 78 kg

    (These are all 5 rm)

    Squat: 125kg
    Bench Press: 82.5kg
    Overhead Press: 57.5kg
    Rows: 72.5kg
    Deadlift: 165kg

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    I'm into the tenth week of my cut and I've gone from 13 stone 4 pounds (186 lbs) to 11 stone 9 pounds (163 lbs).

    So I've lost 23 lbs in ten weeks. I've averaged about 2lbs fat loss a week compared with 1.5lbs last time I cut.

    Strength has pretty much remained the same, the only thing that's taken a battering is the overhead press - whereas previously I managed a best of 5 reps at 60kg, now I'm only managing 2 at most, sometimes only 1 rep max. Everything else has decreased, though has remained static.

    My height is 5ft 11.5" - I'm still not 'lean' though, I still have a flab on my stomach. It begs the question of how much I have to lose.

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    Winstons Log Stronglifts 5x5

    I cant find any log file viewer like the previous OP firewall versions have.

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