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    Intense weight training diet for overweight person

    I work in a small office and have a very night free weight setup in the office.
    So as of last month I ended up doing 3x10 sets every hour through out the day.
    breaking up the days by muscle groups.

    Not sure if this is the best way to do it.
    My main question being 6 ft tall and 230 pounds what should I do about my diet to continue building muscle but not negatively effect weight loss.
    At this point I am trying to maintain a low carb diet that includes lots of various meets for lunch and dinner and a protein shake every morning.
    What would your guys feedback be?

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    Depends on what your split look like. 3x10s of what?

    To lose weight, consume less calories than you use. What is your calorie goal and what is your macro breakdown?
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