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    protein bloating

    hi all, I am a home workout guy, cant afford a gym atm. I do a 5 day free weight work out.

    you can see it [URL=""]here[/URL]

    My question: I noticed that when I started taking whey protien shakes after workouts I was getting very bad intestinal bloating and puffyness just below my belt line. It was pretty uncomfortable, so I stopped taking it.

    [URL=""]this[/URL] is that I was talking.

    Edit: Biking is 20min in duration each day.

    My thinking was that I was getting too much protein and I was putting on fat instead of burning it and hence the puffiness and bloating. I don't think this is the case now, but can anyone help me try to understand what and why this is happening?

    thank you.

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