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    1st Day in..Cutting Routine, Summer only 3 months away! Let go!

    After hibernation in the winter, it's time for me to start prepping for Summer.

    I am 24 years old
    Weight: 94kg
    Height: 183cm
    Body Fat: 15-20%

    Does any one have any good cutting routines that you've used with success in preparation for summer? Summer for me is 3 months away, so plenty of time to get in shape.

    Also, I used to take Jack3d for preworkouts, but now that has been banned here in Australia, does anyone have any good alternatives...i'm thinking about just going simple with Creatine Mono and Protein and eating clean.

    Any interest is appreciated!

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    Most will speak against preworkouts on here. That said, I'm not one. I've used just about all of them (including Jack3d). I'd suggest you grab a tub of DS Craze. Creates that same killer focus that Jack3d had without the caffeine jitters.

    I'm on a lifelong bulk. lol But cutting is more about calories/macros rather than routine.
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