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    Thumbs up Jawbone integration

    Hey just joined the community but I have been using Jefit on the side for some time now.

    The app is great plus it's really visual. But indeed some kind of integration with apps such as Runkeeper or weareable devices would be great.

    I have read people talking about FitBit, please don't forget there's also Jawbone which works fantastically well


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    Each to their own. All exercise apps are competitors to Jefit in one way or another. Maybe an app o is inferior to Jefit now, but maybe if gains ground, and users on its next update.Maybe then it starts to look better than Jefit.

    I would rather Jefit concentrated on making their app better, with removing bugs, adding new features and improving ease of use.

    People seem hung up on"integration" these days. One thing to be considered is the benefits of exchanging data with another app. Is there that much benefit to be had from taking data about, say, running and adding it to Jefit data about weight training? It's difficult imo to see much benefit from exchanging such very different data.

    Jefit could expand and provide its own functionality to become an all on one fitness,diet and health app and make these other apps redundant but that brings the danger of Jefit becoming too complicated to use with many features that many users won't use, and then it loses users.

    Jefit is excellent at what it does, and with well thought out continued development will continue to be the premier app, let's think carefully before diluting that excellence with features of limited appeal

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    I really want integration with Withings to start with since it is a commonly used product.

    You mention that you want to focus on getting the Jefit website/app/etc better but I actually see these integrations as a highly increase in the value of and use for Jefit.

    Having to type my weight in manually, reading it off my withings homepage is really annoying. Not integrating with these kind of services make me and unfortunately others I guess to consider abandoning services like Jefit for other that actually can tie my quantify yourself-kind of data together. This is not a threat in any way but my two cents on how I think people tend to reason about these kind of services nowadays.

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    I have been wishing for integration with fitbit for a while. it's a huge gap in the functionality of jefit to exclude the cardio portion of fitness. considering fitbit hardware is already designed the startup cost should be less. jefit is already good for weights etc and I would rather extend the functionality to include fitbit than see further tweaks to existing functionality that I am already happy with at this stage.

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    My opinion is that improving and strengthening your product, JEFIT, goes hand in hand with integrating with cardio apps. RunKeeper already does it with bodybuilding apps similar to yours. As stated by other users, we need to track both activities together.

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    Please make integration with FitBit.

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    Support of JeFit integration

    I support the fact that JeFit administration is working on improving the quality of their product, but I would like to also see a bigger push towards syncing with other applications, via either MyFitnessPal or FitBit specifically.

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    Fitbit Aria integration would be great. This is a basic need to sync my weigh-ins.

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    Hello! This thread was started in 2013. Are there any updates on when application/device integrations will be available?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NessaDot View Post
    Hello! This thread was started in 2013. Are there any updates on when application/device integrations will be available?
    They will only implement this untill most of the elite stop paying their subscription in a sort of protest i think.
    That isn't going to happen over night ... . I'm hoping they will implement this soon.

    Two of the biggest threads here go about the same subject and they are started a long time a go. So yeah i don't think you need to put your hopes high. If you want integration with other apps you should take a look at the competition IMO.
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