Not sure what to name this introduction thread, since it's hard to sum up my situation in a few words. I guess "Introduction" could work but I'll stick with what I have.

So I've been using Jefit for a while now, in Feb or so, however I use "using" in a vague sense. I've been on-off-on-ff-on-off and now back on with my fitness program. I'm teaming Jefit with Myfitnesspal to help track my meals and calorie intake while Jefit takes care of the rest.

I'm 24 years old, weigh in at 71kg and quite short (163cm or so?). Through highschool and a couple years after I was known as the skinny kid, weighing in around 50-55kg, and since mid-last year the weight just started piling on. I gained 10kg in 6 or so months, and due to what I was eating and the major lack of exercise, I resemble a pregnant woman.

I was pretty active a few years ago, playing football (Australian Rules Football), and was known for my speed and endurance on the field. Now I have taken two years off (due to other commitments) and that is when the weight started packing on. I thought about trying to return mid-this season but went against it because I was scared I would be humilated since I lost my speed and my endurance.

So now I'm on the comeback path for next season (2013), where I want to drop to 62kg (or more importantly drop the waist-line, fat) and gain the strength, speed and endurance back. I have 5-7 months to do so, and my program will be basic to start off with, just to get in the groove and see some improvements.

I have an issue with my back (scolosis or however it is you spell it) and suffer from back pain when I run. However I will be seeing a chiro as soon as I can book in, and hopefully we can start to fix it. Until then however I will focus on the exercise bike for my cardiovascular training, and add in the rower to mix it up.

So that's my introduction, you will be seeing me around here a bit, and I'll get around to starting my log