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    Richo's Log Back To Football (Australian Rules Football)

    Thought I beter specify which football exactly in the thread title...

    Alright, thought a public log might be the best thing for me since my motivation dies out from time to time, and can never seem to stick it out for more than a month or two.

    Now that is out of the way, quick intro about what this log is about. Basically I was known as the skinny kid, and in the span of a year I packed on mass amount of weight (and fat) and now have pregnant jokes made about me. All this weight seemed to came when I stopped playing footy (due to other commitments), so now I want to get back into it. Of course the season is nearly over, so I'm starting pre-season! I will log weight sessions, cardio sessions and my daily diet, and my stats as they come in.

    My week will be 3 weights workouts and 2-3 cardio sessions (depending on how my body is feeling). The weights will be full-body workouts, with only a few exercises, while the cardio will mainly be in the form of tabata (interval style).

    Here are my current stats....

    Weight - 71kg
    Height - 161cm (yes, im short)

    Waist - 95cm
    Chest - 88cm

    These are the main stats im worried about, the waist-to-chest ratio and my weight. I don't have any 1RM Max for the big exercises because I have difficulty performing them so they are subsututed.

    Actually I need to clarify, the weight is current (as of tonight) but the chest and waist measurements are from earlier in the month. Given that is a night-time, I didn't want to measure since there could be some mixed-results. I will measure tomorrow morning and re-post. Sorry about that.

    That's about it, I guess all that is left is to actually log....

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    Diet Log

    Chicken Sandwich with cheese - 460cal

    3x chicken kebabs, rice, roast potato, peas - 747cal

    2x Redbull - 225cal
    Le-Snack - 88cal
    Protein Shake - 267cal

    TOTAL CAL - 1787cal

    Total Fat - 47g
    Total Carbs - 223g (70g of sugar)
    Total Protein - 113g

    Notes - I have a Redbull addiction, so it's a tricky situation. I will be swapping over to sugarfree Redbull and see how that goes for now. Need to start to have breakfast, and reduce the dinner meal (also because I exercise of a night time).

    Weights Log

    Dumbell Floor Press - 14kg x 10 / 14kg x 12 / 16kg x 8 / 16kg x 4

    Leg Press - 35kg x 12 / 45kg x 12 / 55kg x 12

    Cable Seated Row - 33kg x 12 / 40kg x 12 / 47kg x 10

    Seated Leg Curl - 33kg x 15 / 33kg x 15

    Crunches - 75 / 50

    Notes - Due to medical issues and injuries, I can't perform benchpresses, squats or deadlift without pain, in fact any barbell exercise really. So I opt for the dumbell alternative, plus it gives me a better range of motion and helps with the imbalances I have.

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