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    Does the export function allow us to export a routine to the forum

    Say I enter in the Insanity fit test routine into the app. Can I upload that routine here? I think if the DroidFit site maintained a library of uploaded routines that could also be downloaded and rated 1 - 5 stars would be a big plus.

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    Re: Does the export function allow us to export a routine to the forum

    I was thinking about this as well. Trouble is, when you export, it includes your workout log in the file. If someone else imported it, it would erase all of their data and replace it with yours.

    Is there any way a separate import/export routine feature could be added for this purpose? Or perhaps when the online function is added, we could search through routines through the app itself and add them from a database!

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    Agree, It's a great idea to allow easier routine sharing w/o having to input manually.

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    Is this in the works Jefit?

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    Yes you can now upload routines to the website by using the share function under your user profile

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