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    stronglifts 5X5 bench press

    Hey, i'm recently new to this website, but i have started the strong lifts program roughly 5 weeks ago. i had been going to the gym everyday but then me and my brother decided to start this program because he had heard of it. all of my lifts have gone up a lot, but my bench press is struggling. i deload my 10% and go to ramp up again, but i still plateau at around the same weight. i was wondering if anyone else had this problem, and if they did how to over come it. i have also tried the 1 X 3 reps if i cant do it and i still had the same results. if anyone has any advice, it would be great. thanks.

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    Drop the weight more. Start really light and work up. It takes time.
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    I agree with Deviation drop the weight significantly. Lets say your doing 200 5x5 and hitting the wall. Drop the weight to 100-115 and start adding 5 pounds each time from there on out. A 10% deload is not that significant for such a demanding exercise. At first it may seem strange to drop that much weight but trust us it will only help in the end, best of luck!

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    Perhaps you're not eating enough? How long have you been lifting for?

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