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    cutting and toning AT HOME?

    Hii all Jefit members,

    I just downloaded the app and l was searching for a routine for my goals:
    Lose body fat
    Tone up
    Eventually getting my abs to appear
    Get a round booty

    But l want routines where l dont need to go to the Gym.
    So all at home, body weight exercises.

    I know you can add and delete exercises but l have no clue what exercise l should do or shouldn't do.

    So is there an already existing routine which will be perfect for me?

    I hope so!
    Love, Sandra Bains

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    Senior Senior JEFIT Member QuintanillJoseph's Avatar
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    Do you have any equipment at home? Do you have dumbbells (what weights)? Do you have exercise rubber bands? Please advise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuintanillJoseph View Post
    Do you have any equipment at home? Do you have dumbbells (what weights)? Do you have exercise rubber bands? Please advise.

    Hii Quintan,

    Well at this moment l only have the big exercise ball, 2 small ones (1kg per ball) and one rubber band.
    I was thinking about dumbbels and ankles/wrist weights. Or any other equipment l might need.

    (I have a gym membership but need to cut on my expenses so thinking to stop the Gym IF l have a good at home workout routine).


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    Home Workouts

    I've got a few workouts on my website and youtube channel, "Jakes Home Workouts" that you can do.
    Working out at home is an excellent choice. And if you need something more specifically tailored to you
    and your goals let me know. I can cook something up for ya.

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    I tried working out from home and failed. Home does not give us the feeling of working out until you have a small a area just for your home gym. For cutting and toning I recommend you to go for cardio exercises with pushup, ropes. squats and also buy some home gym equipment. The only workout I do at home is at my recumbent machine. I actually had plans to buy a treadmill, but i read an article in Harvard publication where they concluded that recumbent bikes are better for losing calories than treadmills, so I bought one in 2015 for my home. However, since 2015 many [URL=""]new models of recumbent bikes[/URL] have arrived and few of them are too good. I recommend you to try either buy a recumbent bike or spin bike for your home cardio workouts. [URL=""]Mixing cardio with weight exercise[/URL] is the best solution for your problem.

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    Hi All,
    I do workouts at home for more than hours which makes me fit specially the abshaper excercise and also running exercise on treadmill, and Walking Exercises. these are my exercises for the day to lose weight.

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    thanks for the tips that's great

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