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    New to JEFIT

    Hi Everyone,

    Just wanted to write a few lines introducing myself. I just downloaded JEFIT for IPhone today and it looks promising. I've got a great times for interval training but have been looking for a good option for resistance training. Hope this one works out.

    Anyway, I'm 42 and live in the Richmond, VA area. I've been into Fitness/bodybuilding since I was 14 years old and I'm trying to keep ahead of where my age wants me to be. I'm basically trying to maintain my current LBM but would like to trim off more Bodyfat. I was around 5% a few years ago but that was really difficult to maintain, and almost impossible to get back to. However, I think that their is no challenge that cannot be overcome if you put your mind to it and give maximal effort.

    Also, I need to stay fit to keep up with my 3 young boys. They have a tremendous amount of energy. I wish I could tap into that somehow.

    OK, thanks for taking a few minute to read this. Hope everyone has success in achieving their fitness goals.
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    welcome to the site buddy. good motivation you have there by the sounds of it. by the looks of your avatar, you don't look like you'll need much help!


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