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Thread: Supersets

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    Is there a good way to enter a routine that involves super-sets so the exercises that are performed together in a super-sets are noted or linked together?

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    You do supersets at the time of the exercise. When you're in your routine, use the superset button at the top.
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    Thanks for the info - I can't believe I never noticed that superset button!

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    Question Mine doesn't have a superset button...

    I have Jefit Pro.. I can't find any superset button.

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    Thank you VERY much, Robert!

    That screenshot is very helpful.
    Unfortunately, my Jefit shows this:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Maybe my Jefit is an older version?

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    is this only avail in the pro?

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    Quote Originally Posted by talltubatom View Post
    is this only avail in the pro?
    Nope, this is available in the free app as well.

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    Is there any way to implement this on the website? I usually construct a workout while I'm at work or home in my free time, then open the app and start working out at the gym. I'd love to be able to put supersets in my workouts from the website, since it's much easier to design programs than on my phone.

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    Don't know if it is a new topic or I should add it to this one.

    Is there a way to create a superset onsite? So while you're working out and doing on the fly routines handling a superset on the fly is more than difficult at the moment. I helped myself by setting up only one set as default, but I always need to change the excercise again and again.
    maybe adding a link to the current excercise for this workout would help as well.

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    Would be great to be able to set up super sets in advance on the website, so I don't forget to click the button before I start the workout.

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