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    Question Last logs are not displayed correctly

    Hi, I have used Jefit Pro in a few month now but for some excercises the last logs are not displed correctly.

    For exampel:
    I have Barbell Squat in the same routine on Monday and Thursday, but the last log are not updated from the different days, just only for the same workout day.

    For some routines the last logs is only displyed until I press Save & Rest after the first set. After that, Current logs is displayed in the Last Logs column and the Last Logs is gone.

    I have the Preference - Advanced logging - set to:
    Last Logs linked to: Global
    Preload reps from: Last Logs.

    Is there any solution for this?

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    I see this is an old post, but I am experiencing this now on current iOS app. Same routine I use once a week and the next time the weight and reps are reset to 10lbs and 12 reps each time.

    Seems to be just one particular routine that's doing it. I recently updated the routine on the web version, and then synced to iPhone. Since then it seems to be losing the weight and reps last performed.

    My preferences are set to Global and Last Logs.

    thank you

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