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    I also like the app but not happy about not being able to add Super Sets and Triple Sets. Unfortunately the volume I have just doesn't work as single exercises. Im back to pen and paper at the moment.
    Im hoping that your programers get this done shortly as I will have to go back to the to enter my routines.
    Please advise us when we can expect this to be implemented,

    Thanks in advance

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    On the Android version, when you go to a specific day of a routine, press and hold the three dots to the right of the exercise. You'll see a pop-up, with one option of linking above. Click it, and the exercise will be linked with the one above for a superset, just make sure they two have equal number of sets. Go down and link as many as you wish to create a super set, a triple set, or a circuit.

    Personally, I liked the old functionality better, but this one works just as well.

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