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    Lean Diet plan - Cutting

    Hey peeps,

    This is my first post on! I have been training now about 6 weeks, And been looking into to my diet alot lately. Any advice on my current plan would be helpful.

    Stats - Male. 6ft 1in. 207 lbs. 17% body fat.

    Now is there enough protein in this diet? My impact whey has 23g a scoop.

    I have tried cuttin as much carbs as possible, Will this help in losing them extra pounds of fat?

    Thanks for your time. I have uploaded my progress pics of 6 weeks, i don't have before pics. So will upload more in 6 weeks again.

    Also i eat what i want on weekends, But try keeping away from take aways. But dont't tend to take protein powders, Should i still consume protein powders on non-training days (weekends). I train Mon-Fri.

    100g Oats
    1 Scoop Protein powder
    (2 omega-3, Multi Vit + Green tea extract)

    Low fat yogurt.

    Omelette(2 egg/2 Egg white) + Mushrooms + Onions + 25g Mature cheese.
    1 tbsp Olive oil
    Glass OJ

    PreWork out.
    Thermopure x 3

    Post Workout.
    2 scoop Recovery XS (Myprotein)

    Sirlion/Chicken breast. + Green veg + Pepper.
    1 tbsp Olive oil.

    1 Scoop Protein powder. (impact whey protein -
    2 x Zinc + Mag
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