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    30 day personal challenge

    I have fallen into a bit of a lazy spell lately so I decided to challenge myself for the next 30 days to see how much progress I can make. My goals are few but simple, pack on a few extra pounds and increase my lifts. Im not expecting massive gains, it is only 30 days after all but I'm curious to see how far I can take this.

    My diet is pretty solid ever since my dad had his heart attack a few months ago dinners are usually chicken or fish with veggie sides. For lunch im going to push myself to pack it each day with snacks for morning and afternoon while at work.

    My workout plan will be focused around compound exercises to really give my whole body a workout. I figured an isolation type workout would not work in such short duration. For all the big lifts it will be completed 5x5 style, smaller support exercises vary.

    Here is the workout for who is curious: [url][/url]

    Abs will be done everyday along with about 15 minutes of stretching at the end. I need to maintain flexibility for martial arts and ive been working on trying to kick higher so this will be a good opportunity to improve that.

    Starting Weight: 184.5lbs
    Starting Body Fat: 10-12%

    Optimum 100% natural whey

    Measurements (all taken from the right side and measured in inches)
    Neck: 16.5
    Shoulders: 45
    Chest: 40.5
    Arms: 13
    Forearm: 12.5
    Waist: 32
    Thigh: 22
    Calf: 14.5

    Current Lifts
    Bench Press: ~300 (Have not maxed in a while so going by previous records)
    Deadlift: 405 (Just set recently)
    Squat: ~300 (According to jefit app, will not attempt max without a spotter)

    Everyone wish me luck and if there are any questions/comments please feel free to respond!
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