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    Unhappy Jefit app for Android 1.6?

    Hi, my phone recently died and it was formatted and reset to factory settings, I got back my crappy little phone with Android 1.6 and now I can't find the app on the market
    I like Jefit so much I even bought the Pro version. Any chance somebody knows how to get my hands on the app for Android 1.6?

    Help will be appreciated!

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    Maybe one of these will help? Good luck!
    [url] 10%2Fjefit-pro-workout-fitness-v430927-16.html&ei=0WyRUKfCKcjMyQGuy4CQDA&usg=AFQjCNHZVJcD qoreJnBdayOjLAxu3I7X_A&sig2=kYP-p3b0bJ_hhvKMujLBvQ[/url]

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