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    25yo, 250lbs, 6'1" Fat loss, Muscle Gain, Cardio endurance.

    Hello everyone.

    I'm Andrew. Recently started a very sedentary job. I started noticing my weight going up. I gained 20lbs! I have to do something about it. I found out from some coworkers that I can access the fitness center across the street from the Naval base that I work at so, I took my first visit there today. There are a lot of cardio equipment and a comprehensive set of weight machines and free weights. I mostly did body weight exercises today since I really don't have a routine yet. I have been using this android app called Just 6 Weeks, its pretty cool, it has me start easy and gradually gets harder over time.

    Now since I have access to a full fitness center, I'd like to get a routine going that will start me out easy (but challenging) and get more and more challenging each visit. So if I figure some things out I'll post my progress here. I'm open to suggestions as well. Thanks for reading.
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    Hey everyone,

    Its thursday and I forgot to post about my Wednesday workout. On Wednesday I went to the fitness center and got on an eliptical for about 10 minutes for a warm up, then I took part in a 1 hr aerobic class lead by some hardcore Navy woman. She kicked my butt. I had a Whey protein shake ready to drink in my car to help with my recovery. But still, I can hardly move today, but I pushed through it and went to work like a big boy anyway.

    As for today,
    I did fairly well with eating today, but wasn't ideal. Muscle Milk for breakfast, cereal bar for snack, 6in subway (I don't normally eat this much for lunch), another cereal bar for a snack, and for dinner rice and grilled chicken. I'm looking forward to my workout tomorrow. Going to pump some Iron with Hanz and Franz.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Welcome to the forum Andrew

    Everyone has to start somewhere. If you have decided what your long term goals are, post them up and you will get some better advice about the kind of workouts & diets you can try to achieve them. Although any kind of physical work is good for the body & mind.

    Get used to the DOMS....


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