So I used to be really fit except for smoking...then I gained a lot of weight after my 3rd son. I mean a lot. I was used to weighing around 100 lbs at 5'1". I jumped to 188 lbs. Unfortunately I didn't get any taller to compensate for the gain in weight. Go figure? LOL
Then I decided why not use the gym membership I had. So I got myself into shape again, except I still smoked. I dropped a ton of weight. Well, maybe not a ton but I did lose about 85 lbs. Woo Hoo!!
Then on March 14/2011, while working out at the "Y" with my son, I got a wee pain in my chest and decided we should stop. I managed to endure the incredible pain for a day then went to the hospital. Seems for those past 24 hours I was having a heart attack. They fixed me up, inserted a stent and after 5 days they sent me home. I no longer smoked. I haven't since the day I entered the hospital. What a long, slow recovery. I have been given a clean bill of health and except for the small piece of my heart that died because I took so long going to hospital, I am healthier then I ever have been. My heart is as good as someone who's never had a heart attack. I excelled at my release stress test and my endurance was higher than almost anyone they'd seen.
The problem is it's taken a long time for me to get back to being able to exercise like I used to so, unfortunately, my body did a bit of reverting as well. I'm not as heavy as I was before but my weight isn't quite where I want it either.
I understand muscle weighs more than fat so I'm ok if I can get myself down to around 118 lbs.
Anyways, here I go

Oct 21/2012
Starting Stats:

Weight : 147 lbs Body Fat : 36 % Height : 61 inches
Chest : 41 inches Waist : 36 inches Arms : 11.5 inches
Shoulders : 40 inches Forearms : 9 inches Neck : 13.5 inches
Hips : 41 inches Thighs : 21.5 inches Calves : 13 inches

Oct 29/2012
Updated Stats:

Weight : 145 lbs Body Fat : 36 % Height : 61 inches
Chest : 39 inches Waist : 33 inches Arms : 11 inches
Shoulders : 39.75 inches Foreams : 9 inches Neck : 13.5 inches
Hips : 40.75 inches Thighs : 21.5 inches Calves : 13.5 inches