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    25yo, 250lbs, 6'1" Fat loss, Muscle Gain, Cardio endurance.

    Hello everyone.

    I'm Andrew. Recently started a very sedentary job. I started noticing my weight going up. I gained 20lbs! I have to do something about it. I found out from some coworkers that I can access the fitness center across the street from the Naval base that I work at so, I took my first visit there today. There are a lot of cardio equipment and a comprehensive set of weight machines and free weights. I mostly did body weight exercises today since I really don't have a routine yet. I have been using this android app called Just 6 Weeks, its pretty cool, it has me start easy and gradually gets harder over time.

    Now since I have access to a full fitness center, I'd like to get a routine going that will start me out easy (but challenging) and get more and more challenging each visit. So if I figure some things out I'll post my progress here. I'm open to suggestions as well. Thanks for reading.
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