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    Exclamation 2010 Dietary Guidelines

    I'm actually surprised that this area of the forum isn't full of threads and facts. I hope the administrators can make a "sticky" of this thread and keep this at the top for people to reference and use as needed. Our nutrition is the key to get the look and feel we want! Not just how many reps and pounds we can lift. I hope this is useful for everyone.

    Well I tried to upload the file but it kept giving me errors. Here is the link where you can download it yourself. Don't bother printing it please! Save the paper and ink and simply view it on your computer. I know...I'll get off my "Be Green" soap box!


    Take Care,

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    fish recipes

    Took me time to read all the feedback, however I really loved the forum.

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    Thanks, i have been wondering about this for awhile, now it is clear.

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    link wheel service

    I simply passed this onto a colleague who was doing a little analysis on that

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    I was searching about this as well. Would like see more thoughts about this issue from you guys.

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    I can't say that I completely disagree with cow's milk being overrated. I will cite a few sources so that others can do their own research.

    The pH levels of the two are nearly identical (within +- .3). Cow's milk is slightly more acidic, but not dramatically. I do believe that lactose intolerance is more prominent than most people believe. Personally, I don't drink cow's milk often. I tend to drink soy when I do drink milk. Reference: [URL] from_buffalo_cow_goat_and_sheep_of_Rawalpindi_Isla mabad_region_in_Pakistan[/URL]

    Source: [URL][/URL]

    Americans drink cow's milk because it's abundant. Much in the way that other countries drink goats milk (because it's abundant in their locale). It has little to do with them realizing any difference between the two. Reference: [URL][/URL]

    I don't think milk depletes calcium in the body, but I do believe that calcium deficiency is high. I would attribute this to poor diets rather than milk. I think (most) people fail to realize that you need other types of foods (like dark leafy veggies) to get the necessary nutrients. Reference: [url][/url]

    H[URL=""][/URL]opefully this gets people thinking at least.
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