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    good evening,

    im new to weight training (12 months) been training for 12 months and im wondering if there are any tips and advice that someone who has been training for a long period of time can give me? im very keen to tone my body muscle up and gain muscle but at the moment i don't seem to e noticing anything increasing.



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    Welcome to the JEFIT community.

    It takes years of dedication (and good genetics) as well as very careful planning to look like a fitness model, but initial changes, toning up etc should really be visible within a month or so of starting out if you are training effectively (and eating correctly - it is a truism of this sport that "muscles are made in the kitchen") so it seems odd that you have not noticed anything. First point is that it helps to take a picture of yourself every few weeks as sometimes the changes are so gradual that you can't notice them yourself on a day to day basis, but a set of photos will normally reveal your progression.

    Without knowing more about your workout habits its not really possible to say anything else. Perhaps you could share some more detail?

    Anyway, welcome to the forum. I hope you meet your goals. Carefull not to overdo things over Christmas!!!

    Kind Regards

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