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    Hi, I'm a software engineer that has been travelling nearly weekly for the last few weeks. I've also been on [and technically still am on the slow carb/low carb diet]. I've been trying to find ways to exercise when I'm travelling. I have quite a bit of progress to make to reach my goal. [75lbs]

    Also to note: Due to travel I haven't been able to stay on diet and my weight has gone back up (but not back up to the prediet weight).

    In sure, just wanted to say hi.

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    Welcome to the forums. I hear your pain about the problems of diet when travelling, but a good physique is made in the kitchen, not just the gym, so you really need to try and find a way to eat clean.

    Exercise can be tricky as well while travelling. Maybe you need a backup plan of a routine using bodyweight exercises to use when gyms are not accessible?

    Kind Regards

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