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    Hello! New to this community

    Hello all! I just downloaded the JEFIT app today and set up routine and profile. Little bit about me: Im 26, been lifting for about 5 years, started out at 300lbs of pure fat and no muscle and I'm just getting back into the gym after a 4 month long hiatus (was in jail).

    4 months made a really noticeable loss in mass and strength so I'm starting back with a solid 5x5 strength routine for the first month or so.

    Anyway, glad to have found this epic app and glad to be here!

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    Yeah, I'm in a similar position. Let things slide for about three months but planning to get back into a routine in the new year (that's not an excuse to put it off until next week - my gym is closed for Christmas!!!).

    Welcome to JEFIT forums!

    Kind Regards

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