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    I'm a newbie.... go easy on me....

    I suppose there'll be a few newbies here at this time of year, I hope I'll be here to stay, so I just thought I'd introduce myself, as I've spent a few hours filling my bio in (so I hope you'll read it). I stumbled across this app by total accident on my daughters new android tab.

    I've recently lost 2 stone of chubb in a month on a horrible milkshake and soup diet after leaving myself go due to laziness. It wasn't an ideal way of losing weight, but it worked and i needed a quick fix, and it's given me a kick up the ar*e. I am a biggish lad anyway and I carried the weight well, but I also lost some muscle on this diet.

    I no longer have time to go to the gym daily, so have invested in a set of dumbbells and an exercise bike, and have been kindly given a dumbbell bench by a friend. I hope that this equipment will be sufficient enough for me to achieve my goals of toning up and dropping some more bf. I would then like to bulk up/more defined. I know I can achieve anything if I put my mind to it, and keep ,myself motivated., and that's what I'm hoping to gain from this app. If there's anyone out there that has some decent advise..... I'm all ears.

    I've also encouraged my missus and my son to download the app. My son is 12, is a keen footballer, and wants a 6 pack and to get his fitness up. My missus is a keen runner, but is also looking to maintain her ideal weight. (even though I think she's fit as can be)
    That's enough of the family affair.

    Any success stories here then?
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    Welcome! I recommend taking your measurements and adding them in quickly. I wish I had. JeFit will track your progress (ie. growth of your arms, shrinkage of your belly and bum). Also, it's really neat to see the slow but eventual improvement in the exercises performed. There are a plethora of Routines submitted here (dumbbell only routines, body weight only routines...). Maybe play around with them and then work up your own. Most importantly, have fun. The more you enjoy exercise, the healthier you'll be.

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