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    Smile Suggestions for Android App

    Hi everyone.

    First of all, I want to congratulate the DroidTeam for the app. Its just awesome, althought it has some bugs and some functions to add. Thats why im writing this..

    Today I bought the app in the Market, and when I wanted to write down my routine, I found that it wasnt possible, since the things I need arent implemented yet.

    • Interval Excersices Supersets:
      One part of my routine, its a Superset of 5 interval excersices:

      30'' x Plank
      15'' x HandStand (not implemented)
      15'' x Superman Plank (not implemented)
      10'' x Isometric Pull Ups (not implemented)
      20 x Push ups

      The problem is that the app doesnt let you Superset Interval exersices. That would be my first suggestion: Implement Interval exersices Supersets.

    • "Timed Superset":
      I think this is other thing that you cant do, and its really a MUST for those people who work on fat-losing routines. Timed Superset:

      10 x Barbel Bench Press
      10 x Dumbbell Fly
      10 x Push Ups

      Lets say you have that Superset.. instead of having 4 reps, a Timed Superset will be repeating that SuperSet for 30 minutes, for example.

    If anything else comes to my ming, ill edit the Thread, but thats the problems I found right now.

    Hope this helps to improve the app


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    Thumbs up Better graphs and more progress options

    Here are some more suggestions:

    1. Better graphs, it's impossible to see the number on the Y axis (Samsung Galaxy S3).
    2. More options on how to plot your progress. As is works now, the RMI is plotted - but I find it more interesting to plot "the real progress", e.g. the last set you completed 3x10 (in my case) reps for a particular weight - or maybe just the current weight you are lifting regardless of the number of reps or sets.

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    A couple bugs/suggestions.

    The app generally works great but I've lost data twice in three days. Here's what happens:
    The workout has a about 7 exercises followed by a cardio exercise of 30 minutes.
    I work through the exercises, then start the cardio. The cardio is long enough that the android goes to sleep. A brief sleep isn't a problem but if I forget to wake it up fast enough, the app is cached and the data is lost. When I wake it up again, I'm back on the first exercise without the data. This wouldn't be so bad except there's no way, either on the app or the website to enter the data without going through the routine again waiting for each timer. The second time this happened, I finished the cardio and forgot to wake it up until the next morning. Now when I go through the routine again, the log will be on the wrong day. Frustrating.

    One other annoyance is that during a workout, there's no way to get a look ahead at what's coming. Yes, during the rest between two sets, the animation of the next one is shown along with the "prepare for..." message. This is good, but often the rest isn't long enough to get things set up. It would be helpful to show have the option to see the workout overview some way during the workout.

    A very nice feature would be the ability to substitute an exercise from the middle of a routine. e.g. if I'm working through chest exercises and a piece of equipment isn't available but another is, I could switch exercises immediately.

    Very nice application. Thank you!

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    Are there any plans to tie the community portion of your site, into your app?

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