Hi All,

I just found your Android App today and started working out a couple of days ago. Hmmm, could it be a new years resolution :-)

A little history, I broke a few vertebrae in my neck when I was 19. (I'm now 51) so I sat idle for many years and put on weight whilst I sucked on pain killers.
In my early 40s, my wife started doing water aerobics, I was starting to feel pretty good, a lot less pain, so I thought I would come along and do some laps (laugh) I weighed 126Kg at that point. She got sick of that and went to the gym, so I followed. I enjoyed doing weights and the trainer there was into Power Lifting. He got me started into this but I was only able to do the Bench Press, Dead lifts or Squats killed my neck.
In my last comp, I was benching 162Kg. At the time there was a 50% increase in the yearly fees and I was getting sick of competing against other people that used bench shirts that added another 20Kg to their lifts. To me, Power Lifting is about tuning your body for the most personnel strength not about how much money you spend on mechanical (cheating) lifting shirts etc. So I lost interest and slowly lost shape and added weight again.
I'm 6'2" 188CM and 250lb or 114Kg. When competing, I was down around 95Kg. Felt and didn't look to bad.
Now.... I feel and look like crap.

I do have various free weights and bars at home as well as a pseudo power rack. [URL="http://www.workoutworld.com.au/strength-training-equipment/home-gyms/avanti-power-smith.html"]pseudo power rackl[/URL]

So that's me.