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    Greetings, greetings!

    Hello, people!

    My name's Hudson, I'm a 25 year old brazilian living in Finland. I moved here One year and a half ago and when I started studying finnish my school provided us gym for 2 days in a week so I started going once in a while.
    After last summer I started seeing very little results since I had to take a new picture for a residence permit. My neck was thicker in the new picture.
    And then I started getting motivated when I saw that clothes were fitting better and I was looking better.

    A few months ago I decided to start training a bit harder and then the holidays came and I didn't work out at all for a month, felt like it was all gone.

    But with the beginning with this new year I found JEFIT and brought it to the gym with me, bought some supplements to help with the training and started getting more motivated and going more often.

    My next goal is to try keeping things organized and keep going to the gym although life demands a little sometimes.

    Thanks to the JEFIT team for the product, by the way! Revolutionized the working out community!

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    WElcome to the Jefit forums Hudi! I hope we can help you reach your goals! Good work on the progress so far!!!

    Kind Regards

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