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    Talking Things people shouldnt do at a gym.

    Have you ever been to a gym an seen some guy/girl doing something really dumb and/or inappropriate in the gym? Wouldn’t you like to tell him/her something? Well instead of blowing up on the person vent you here in this thread.

    Let me give some examples I have experienced at my own gym.
    I really dislike it when people do not rack their weights in the gym (I treat the gym like it’s my home)
    I also hate it when people are in the gym and are walking around aimlessly now I understand if you just did a really tough set and you need to get back in the zone but if you are lifting for 3min and then walking around for 20min there is something seriously wrong.

    Now post all of you I love to hear what people experience at the gym and the crazy things people do.

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    You might be interested to read this thread that I started last year on a similar subject:


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