(1) In some software I use on my PC it is possible to put a calculation into a field (eg 9 x 24 or something) and the software automatically calculates the answer and then enters that as a field (in much the same way that Microsoft excel might, for example). Other software has a button for a pop-up calculator into which figures can be entered with the result added to the relevant field.

When using JEFIT recently to record non-gym workouts such as swimming I find myself needing to calculate the values of the entries I need to input. For example; when swimming I know I have done 75 lengths because I count them as I go along. I know the pool is 18 metres long so I can calculate that the distance swum is 1.35 Km. Some calculations I can do in my head. It's also possible to use the calculator in my phone, but this means leaving JEFIT and I then have to remember the result and key it back into JEFIT.

It would be nice if there was a calculator button to the side of the entry field which pops up a calculator, allows the entry to be calculated and then enters the result into the field.

Just a suggestion.

(2) While I'm at it, can example calorie-burning rates be entered for different cardio exercises, so there is a basis to provide the "Calories" field for the JEFIT entry? I have to google an example calorie value for different exercises and then multiply them by time or by distance in order to work out a calorie value for many exercises. Again would be nice if JEFIT provided an automatic calculation (which could be overwritten if a more accurate supply of calorie information is available - eg a heart rate monitor etc).

Kind Regards