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    [4 days/week][General][Intermediate] Powerlifting Routine

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    This is absolutely NOT a powerlifting program

    Not sure how you guys consider this a powerlifting program, just because your last set of the day is a meager 4 rep set you call it power? Or is it because you have squats, bench and deads leading off each of the workouts? Either way, this program is TERRIBLE for powerlifting parameters. Its much closer to a hypertrophy program, by the time you get to your actual working set of the day on the core lifts you are already exhausted, if you want POWER it has to be performed while fresh. You treat the auxiliary exercises as after thoughts with no real rhyme or reason behind doing them other than to make a workout fill in the sets. 90 sec rest Are you insane? For powerlifting, that isn't even close to accurate. You lost me at leg curls and extensions, what a waste of time. If you want to improve power where are the stiff leg deadlifts for Hamstrings? How about some glute work? 5 sets of deadlifts is a great way to injure yourself. I would never do this routine.

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    Way too many exercises too be power lifting. Bench press then dumb bell bench press. Power. Stick to basics. Bench, squat, dead lift . Maybe some variations of Olympic lifts. That's it. Your routine is a body builder routine.

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    where is Biceps day

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    Knee Pain

    What subs would you recommend for someone who has knee pains?

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