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    Mobile app not syncing to website

    So the title says it all. I hit synchronize on the phone and it says it does it, but when I log...nada...

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    Unhappy Same here

    I'm using the pro Apple version. I synchronize, both from website and phone buttons, but nothing gets uploaded to the site as far as I can tell. Just started trying this app today at the gym and while I find it easier to write things down in a notebook, the ability to sychronize and track makes it worth the extra time it takes...but only if it actually works. And does anyone see a contact us page that gives us an email link where we can get help with stuff like this?

    Thus far not impressed...hoping I can figure it out. But I just spent a half hour trying to figure out how to synchronize, where to even look for my workout logs or history...the UX is pretty terrible on this website.

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    able to synch today

    second day in, found myself able to access my logs online and they are correct. Quite happy about that. I still hope they offer a way to export the info, but at least I can see progress here. Not really sure what I did right or wrong...just kept trying to synchronize and at some point it worked.

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