I love this program. But is there a way to view the last log while resting?

I do the exercise, hit "save and rest." then the screen immediately switches to the countdown screen and you cannot see the last log... this makes it tough, if you don't remember how much weight you needed for the next set.

Another way to do it, instead of hitting "save and rest" is to hit the little stop watch icon, and doing a countdown... but the same problem. The last log area disappears and that is where the countdown appears.

Is there a way around this? I want the countdown, rest timer, but i want to know what is up next at a glance.

Right now I have found a cumbersome workaround. What i do is, while "save and rest[ing]" I hit the log button. This works, but it would be nice if it were on the same page.

Any ideas?

I am using Android Version 4.3.0921

p.s. yes i know this is not the newest one. but i do not want the new one that dumps all kinds of pictures on my device. I like the drawings. bad update!