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    protein poisoning?? please clarify

    I have started my workout routine and am finally breaking down a diet plan to aid in my goals. I have briefly heard the term "protein poisoning" around the gym and am somewhat worried about it....I know very little about the subject and was wondering if anyone had opinions, experiences, or solid knowledge on this topic......I used the harrison-benedict BMR model to calculate my macro ratios 20%-fats (inc. EFA's)
    50%-carbs (as I am a hardgainer and train 6x/week) and 30% protein on a 3450 cal/daily diet. I know much more research needs to be done for my diet breakdown but was wondering any opinions/experience on that as well....i have started by using an app called mynetdiary which already has formulas built in which calculate BMR and how many cal needed for mass gain (which was 450-500 cals/daily extra)

    Anyways any feedback on anything/everything mentioned above is truly greatly appreciated, as I dont want to break down my body when im trying to build it up! thx in advance.

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    As with anything, you'll find studies that say too much protein is bad, and others that say the more the merrier. I'll attach a link to a good read on it.

    Personally, I'm trying to lean out yet build muscle as I'm just now getting back into bodybuilding. I'm at 50% protein, 40% carbs and 10% fats. Give or take. I'll adjust down to 40%/40%/20% in probably a month or so. Protein is going to build mass, and carbs is going to give you the energy to work out. My opinion is see how it goes on your 3450 calories in those ratios. If you're not gaining the mass you are looking for, increase by 200 for a bit and see what happens. I'd keep cardio to a minimum for now but I know others will differ in that opinion.

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