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Thread: pro version ??

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    Quick and clean of this. The app is free so if you pay for a "pro" app it usually means there is more to it that the free app doesn't have. Never said the designers don't deserve to be paid. I'm past that; was looking for clarification on my second questions.

    Quote Originally Posted by decu68 View Post
    Question, on the Pro Edition under "My Stats", it lists the Lifts Stats (Benchmark Exercises) on a bar type graph where it shows you where you are at and then a "large" number and the bar graph is filled in by green to where you are. Is the "large" number just an arbitrary number or is it calculating you and telling you where you should be?

    Take for instance my Barbell Squat, it shows 466.0/700 lbs. Is this thing telling me I should be able to Squat 700 lbs; that is insane. I'm 5'8" and weigh 200-205 lbs. I'm strong and stocky but I would never reach that amount. Even during my best many years ago when younger, there would be no way I would reach that, not to mention many of my other lifts. The only one I am even close to is the Barbell Lying Tricep Extension where I'm at 249.0/300 lbs. All the rest I'm half way or maybe a little more but I cannot see attainable.

    Just wondering if others see the same numbers.

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    I got the paid version just to support the guys who have made such a great app.

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    I bought the Pro version for two reasons:
    1. supporting you guys, making an excellent app
    2. The total Volume chart.

    But heres the problem, i can't rly find the total volume chart? maybe im just blind. Feel like i've been looking everywhere.
    So some guidance would be nice :P thank you

    Edit: forget it. found the volume chart. location somewhat confusing. but anyway found it, so it dosent matter.
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