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    Do I have it all covered?


    I am an ectomorph and trying to bulk up a bit. I'm 29 y/o, 6', 159 lb. I have been training on and off for years but for the past month and a half have been going pretty hard. I have a solid plan in place and have made it a habit to stick to it. I have changed my entire diet to help the bulking process. I pay attention to carb, protein, and calories to make sure I have enough of everything. Making sure I get them at the right times. What I would like to know is if theres anything I'm overlooking.

    Heres the rundown.

    Small protein shake first thing when I get up.
    Complex carbs such as oatmeal 1.5-2 hrs before workout.
    Simple carbs such as fruit 30 min before workout.
    Pre-workout shake using MuscleTech NeuroCore 25-35 mins before workout.
    Protein shake using ON 100% Gold Standard Natural Whey, yogurt, milk, and banana right after workout.
    Solid lunch.
    Healthy snack.
    Solid dinner.
    Whey and milk before bed with some complex carbs.

    I also take multi vitamins, fish oils, and drink mostly water or milk.

    Is there anything else I should do or am I covering all the basics?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Hey buddy - shame you haven't had any other replies. I'm in a similar boat and have been reading about different training styles for ectomorphs. In a nutshell, less reps, longer rest intervals, fewer compound exercises etc. Just wondering if there's much truth in it. I've been training on an intense program and while I've noticed changes this theory of 'not stressing an ectomorph during training' flies in the face of it...

    I'll change up my routine and see if there are any noticeable changes in gains....

    How are you going with your training?

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