I guess not too many are ready to cut. Personally, I HATE cutting. I live on a tropical island (Guam) and so don't really have seasons for cutting and bulking (summer, winter), but I know I need to loose weight. Just trying to bring it down slowly to a level that I can live with all year long, probably between 10% to 15% range. To accomplish such I'm just adding more supersets/compound sets. I'm also reducing the weight on the bar a bit more and upping the reps. I cycle my diet with a one month on and two off (though off a diet I still eat sensibly). While dieting I cut processed carbs completely and time my complex carbs to just after workouts. ... Notice how I haven't addressed the cardio thing other than less rest time between sets? That's 'cause I HATE cardio, probably the biggest reason for hating cutting. I'm beginning to feel that I need to add them in though... so I may add in kettle bell swings and see how that affects my stats.