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    [5 days/week][Bulking][Advanced] High Volume Training

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    this routine shreds every muscle fiber on me. problem is i burn out too fast if i do it back to back days as suggested. ima try one day on and one day of and see how it goes. but i love this routine because when i hit a muslce group it stays pumped for pretty much all week long and the physique you get from it is unreal. im burning more fat getting more defined and swollen, the scale says im burning weight. give the routine a try, you wont be let down.

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    why the relatively low rating

    Ive been using this routine in the past and looking to restart it but just noticed that out of the "most downloaded" routines (on this website) this one is relatively low-rated. It has only 3 out of 5 stars with 146 votes where as the other popular routines in that range have 4 out of 5 star ratings (for instance "Jefit Advanced Routine" has 4/5 with 220 votes).

    Is there any reason for the relative low approval? I mean is it in terms of focus, or number of repetitions per set, or people just like exercises more?

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    The best training

    The routine that I will suggest you reduce all of your extra fat in just couple of days and increase your metabolism instantly is-
    To get the routine from a fitness trainer for free check the website- [url][/url]
    There are 2 to 3 types of ways to melt yours. Some of them are instant affecting, but will cripples down imminently you leave it practicing regularly. There are some practices there that will not put any sort of instant effort but will help you reduce your belly fat for a long term period of a permanent basis.

    Even there are some practices exists that will try rapidly and instantly and will work on a permanent basis but there are pretty hard working practices.A very active and dedicated person would only get into those performances.

    1. The pretty first one that I am suggesting here to all of you to reduce your belly is that to start running daily. Running is the most efficient sort of exercise that you could use to bring down your belly fat eminently. Try to run daily about 30–45 mins to see the most immediate results. Don’t give your 100% at the very first day try to take it in the ascending order of increasing the time and speed gradually, That’s because if on the very first days you will start to give your full efficiency then your body will think that’s this is your all effort and it will be reluctant to reduce your body fat to increase the efficiency. Always run never jog.

    drink lots of water before going to run, try to drink at least one liter of water before going out to run. And after coming back from the running drink one glass of warm water with one full lemon squeezed in it.
    try to avoid salt as much as possible, always have a limited amount of salt in your dishes.
    After getting back from your running abruptly start doing crunches, try to have over 200 crunches daily.
    If you are able to do it for 1 month only you will definitely be able to see some good result. And another thing that you have to keep in your mind that if your metabolism rate is very low then your belly fat reduction will become very slow running will increase it but not from the very fast day so in those case to increase your metabolism eat bananas and some churans ,Believe me even professional models follow this kind of tactics.
    To get the routine from a fitness trainer for free check the website- [url][/url]
    The other two suggestion that I was talking about are-

    2. First one is Yoga, if you could able to practice yoga every morning for minimum 45 mins then without getting into that much of active sports you will be able to permanently reduce belly fat and increase your metabolism rate. But yoga will take time for at least 3–4 months to reduce your belly fat.

    3. The other one that I was talking about is martial arts, if you are able to practice some sort of martial arts like kickboxing or Parkour then you will definitely be able to reduce your belly immediately and efficiently.But martial art will require a huge amount of activity to perform and energy to donate.

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