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    Linking Workouts

    I workout the whole body twice a week but go to the gym four times a week

    Mon & wed same body group

    Wed & Thur same body group

    is it possible to link these two days together so that the log continues on from last matched group workout?

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    I have a similar approach. What I did to solve the linking problem is to change the Mon/Wed routines down to a single routine with a day of ANY. Same thing for Tue/Fri (assuming you meant Tue instead of Wed in that second group?) Call one Arms and the other Legs or something descriptive so that you know which one is for which day of the week.

    It is not as nice in that you have to know what you are doing each day of the week. But at least all the exercises in the applicable routine are tracking so that the default weight/rep values and the last workout values are what you expect them to be.

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    oops! i did mean Tues/Thurs on the second group
    well, i'll give that a go but like you said it's a workaround and not ideal
    I think Jefit has missed a big trick here

    thanks for the prompt reply

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    this is what i sent...

    I workout full body twice a week but i attend the gym four times a

    My workouts are split as follows
    Mon/Wed chest, shoulders and triceps

    Tue/Thur Back, biceps forearms,thighs calves and abs

    What i need which i believe to be a failing with your app and a
    larger oversight is to be able to link the days to enable the log
    to continue on from the last matched workout

    i.e. Wednesday to continue on from Monday etc.....


    and this is what i received...

    Hi, Thank you for your feedback and suggestion.

    We will keep your suggestion in mind and will try to implement them in our future updates when we received more similar requests.

    and this is what i say now....

    respectfully it is neither a suggestion or feedback but as i previously stated
    an 'oversight'
    come on people put it into words
    'jefit' you are so nearly perfect, don't let me down


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    I suggested something 6 or 8 months ago and it still isn't implemented. I do a 3 day a week program that's a bit different each day but does share squats each workout. It would be nice if what I did on Wednesday would be listed in Friday's workout, instead of last Friday's numbers.

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