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    [6 days/week][Bulking][Advanced] Push/Pull Workout

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    Looks like a great program, will hopefully be able to down load soon.

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    Cool !!!

    Yeah, it works wonders confusing the muscle and have always been sore with great results. I've been doing this for over 3 months now and am bulking up with a lot of increases in weights.

    Get through the daily routines as fast as you can with good form! That will give you the best pump! Add some more ab exersizes of your choice (I didn't quite finish adding some ab exersizes to this workout plan because the program didn't have them all) Don't kill yourself. Make sure you get through the routine with a steady weight increase after every set. EATING RIGHT IS THE HARDEST PART! At least for me it was.

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    Awesome program!

    My first program that i've chosen was the push/pull program. I wanted a program that will give me the pump i need and also incorporate all the muscle i need to look sexy. At first, it took me awhile to get through the whole program. I started slow and 1 1/2 months later, im pushing through this routine with power! my recommendation is do short cardio in the beginning so you can get your heart rate up. (i do 5 mins run on the treadmill) also on sunday (day off) i try to do cardio and abs.

    so far:
    first month - drink Elite Xt protein + arginine in the morning and Elite Xt protein + 5g creatine mono + 30g dextrose post workout
    my eating habits are pretty bad for the first month.

    second month-present - drink Elite Xt protein + arginine in the morning, oatmeal for breakfest. 2 hours later eat a yogurt. 2 hours later eat lunch (chicken with brocc or anything i can find in the fridge) 2 hours later eat 25 piece of mix nuts (1 serving). 2 hours later go home from work and eat rice with protein. wait 1 hour for digestion and take 1 1/2 scoop of Jack3d and go to the gym. post workout shake is Elite Xt protein + 3.25g creatine mono (jack3d has 1.25 per scoop) + 30g dextrose. eat 1/2 cup cottage cheese + a scoop of peanut butter before bed.

    Im trying to eat right for my second month and increasing my reps to about 15 while increasing my weights by alot (Jack3d gives me that pump to do so )

    Here is my results for Day 1-Day 30: ill edit at the end of my second month for you guys. Please give me any advice about my routine so far! Thanks for an awesome routine!

    too bad they wont let me post my picture =( ill edit it when i have 5 post

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