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Thread: hello everyone

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    Wink hello everyone

    Just wanted to say "HI". I am new to the group but not new to weight training. Have had several setbacks. But I am back on track and this will be my year. Although, at the moment I have a fractured heel from last wed, I had just signed back up at my gym the day I injured it. Had a great workout, about a hour, came home and while playing with the horse made a small hop and now I am in a boot for about 8 weeks, bummer. But still managing to get some training in here at home.

    Looking forward to giving and getting motivation from everyone here!

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    Bummer about the horse. Good luck! keep it up!!!!

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    Hello bamaharleygal.

    Life is full of set backs; I totally understand. During my 13+ years of lifting I've had surgery on my left elbow, surgery on my left knee, tore my right distal bicep tendon, crushed C6/C7 vertebrae, crushed C5/C6 vertebrae, tore my right rotator cuff, broken fingers, broken toes, tore my right hamstring from buttocks down; and probably many others. I've had to take many lay offs over the years but I always got back to lifting as I could. Granted I could have avoided many of these injuries if not having been involved in martial arts but if you play rough some times it takes its toll.

    Recover from the set back and then when able start back up. Good luck to you.

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