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    1RM and Total Volume Bug: Incorrect Reporting!

    Using Jefit Pro 5.0322

    I am currently disappointed with how exercises are being recorded and graphically represented.

    I currently separate my deadlifts into three different sets using the same deadlift exercise Both the 1RM and total volume are screwed up because it should look at the best performance of the exercise per session. Thus it should take the best 1RM from this session and then total up the volume.

    Deadlift 1:Warm up sets. 1RM 214.5 | 2085 volume
    135 x5
    165 x 5
    195 x 3

    Deadlift 2: Work sets: 1RM 367.33 | 3,775 volume
    225 x 3
    260 x 3
    290 x 8

    Deadlift 2: Volume sets: 1RM 300.0 | 2,250 volume
    225 x 10

    Total volume for workout should be: 8,110 and the 1RM for the workout should be 367.33

    However, when I look to my progress and graphical representation of this workout, the exercises are being separated as three datapoints (per the separated exercises).

    My graph for total volume thus only shows 2,250 (the volume set) and erroneously reports a 1 rep max as 225. However, the bar graph for 1RM / Goal progress shows the 1RM as 300, as would be calculated by the last set.

    As you can see, I'd like an option to total the whole workout and report the total volume and best rep max, not just the last set. It was fixed I thought in 5.0314 but this recent update has borked it again.

    This is also screwed up on the website side of things too. My graph reports three data points for what should be one data point.

    I am hoping to get this resolved as tracking progress both through 1RM and progressive overload through volume are important to me.

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    hmm, maybe this is related to the improper "new 1rm record" report that I keep getting

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    I want to say that it was fixed in 5.0321 but then broken again in 5.0322 but it was such a short stint with the old version that I can't really remember.

    If this was fixed, I'd definitely maintain using the app. But as of right now, a pen and paper is a better solution :/

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