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    interval timer feature suggestion

    OK i have played w/ Jefit android app a bit but currently I am doing an interval circuit workout that involve timed exercises plus a certain rest time. For example, 30 seconds of push up plus 10 sec rest, then 30 second chin up w/ 10 sec rest, then 30 sec squat and 10 sec rest, etc. the cycle repeats several times. Currently I am using a HIIT timer app for this workout, because I don't know how to set predetermined count down timer (not rest timer as we already can do that) for the actual exercises. the current Jefit interval timer defaults back to 60 seconds which is really cumbersome to adjust for every exercise. will it be possible to implement the interval timer into the routine in addition to rest time, rep and other measurements? I mean, it would like adding a forth column to the routine set up screen, adding "Interval" to Rest, Weight and Reps. The value of the interval timer can be left out if you are not timing your exercises, but if filled in, the exercise will automatically end and go into rest mode. If implementing this feature is too difficult, consider allowing us to change the default timer time, from 60 seconds to any custom number in the preference menu. Thank you!

    p.s. I want to add that right now I have a perfect interval timer app that does the job for me, but i would like to have this feature on Jefit so I can manage all my exercises, be it interval training or regular weight sessions, all in one app. That way I can plan the routine on my pc desktop, and there's no need to duplicate/type the same exercises again and again in another app.
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    I totally agree! With HIIT being so popular, an easy to use countdown seems like a no brainer.

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    Post the apps name you are currently using i think it will be mutch more easier then for the software developers

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    I agree, it would be nice to have the exercise default to the countdown and allow you to preset the countdown if you select an interval/time based exercise (like planks or bridges or an hiit exercise). When I do these types of exercises I care just as much (if not more) about exercise time than I do about rest time. Also, it might be nice if the implementation for recording was similar to the stopwatch (automatically enters the time into the time record when the timer ends).

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    I'm looking for the same feature.

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    Any progress on this feature?

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    Dear Robert,
    first of all sorry for my bad english.
    For the countdown timer I've got a suggestion.
    I think, the biggest Problem is when you've got a countdown feature is the time you need to switch between your mobile/tablet and to go to your equipment.
    My favorite running App "Runtastic" solved this Problem with an extra window.
    For example you make your second set and don't use the complete rest time, you stop the rest timer and than you need some seconds to go to your equipment but your count down is running.
    To avoid this an extra window appears with a preset countdown for this needed time, in Runtastic you have te chance to change this extra countdown during counting.
    Sorry it is hard to explain for me with my english. Maybe you take a look at the runtastic app for this feature.
    best wishes

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    I'm currently Using Impetus to time my circuit training. eg) 10 min. Warm-Up which consists of 5 movements for 2 minutes each then on to Circuit #1 - 90 seconds V-Ups, 90 Seconds Push-Ups, 90 Seconds Mountain Climbers, 60 seconds rest. Then on to Circuit #2 and so on with a Cool-Down at end. I would love to be able to use Jefit to time and log these workouts, but at this time it doesn't seem to work for timed circuits.

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    This would also be great feature to use for AMRAPs (as many reps as possible). I haven't been able to figure out how to achieve a pre-programmed AMRAPs in a pre-determined amount of time any other way. Thanks!

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    Any movement on creating a proper interval timer? It's been three years since the last post. The lack of this feature is proving a major dealbreaker for me.

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