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    any plans to add apple health support to the JEFIT app ?

    It has support with Apple Health but it's limited to "Height", "Weight", and "Workouts" input. I'm surprised "Body Measurements" isn't added.

    Speaking of which, either add Body Measurements to share data with Apple Health or add like a body measurement progression like a line graph would be nice.

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    me + friends section: Is it somehow possible to show the "weight lifted" values in the units of my configuration? Save in SI-Units and convert in App?
    Messed up weight input gives me a new record even after correction.

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    Hi Jefit!

    Sorry to say, but I think you have almost ruined the app with the new update.

    I mean, some things might look a bit nicer now, but there used to be two partiularly annoying things about the app, that there used to be a work-around for, but now you have removed the work-around....

    The app (before update, and even more so now) seems obsessed with forcing users to follow a routine/workout, and what's worse, obsessed with forcing users to time the exercises. Short version:

    ...........1. If I want to, please let me (again) get to logging via the exercise library, without needing to use routines.
    ...........2. Please let me choose myself if I am (at all!) interested in keeping track of time during and between sets.

    Why do you force work-out and time keeping features on us app users? My guess is that you are trying to find ways to add value beyond offering the basic service of a proper database of exercises and a tool for logging and keeping track of work done. That's commendable, but it is very, very unwise to force additional features on users and deliberatly limiting how users can choose to use your app.

    1. For example, sometimes, in fact many times, for a million various (obvious?) reasons, an app-user might just want to logg som work done on a particular machine or exercise. It may or may not be have been put into a work-out/routine, tha's secondary, at best. Perhaps the user is visiting a different gym with a different set of machines, or perhaps the user just feels like varying the choice of exercise/machine a certain day to break the monotony, or perhaps ther's a que at a machine and the user just wants to use a similar machine instead of the (routine-)scheduled one on that specific day.. Like I said..a million obvious reasons... I could go on and on.

    So what to do?

    Well, the natural thing would be to go to exercise library, clik on the exercise, and log the work done (sets, reps, weights..). Super simple, super functional! In fact, for many who don't follow a super specific routine, eg. who might just be scheduling muscle groups for specific days, allowing for fairly free choice of exercise on each day as long as it hits the right muscles, this would be the main way to use the app. But no! That is not allowed! You HAVE to follow a pre-defined routine. Have to!! WHY I'm guessing because you hope to monetize routines...? Is that it? But I'm already a paying VIP subscriber. I don't want to be forced to use routines! Trying to force users that way is a recipe for disaster. If there isn't as much demand as you hoped for for a feature, you can't just tell your customers to want it.

    --> Please add back the possibility of going via exercise library, clikcing on one, and then from there being able to go directly to logging work on that exercise.

    2. Secondly, regardless of whether I want to use the app with a focus on the Work-outs/Routines or not, why do I have to deal with this timer you keep pushing?? Actually, one of the reasons I started to go straight via the library instead of the routine's, was that it was easier to avoid (work-around) the timer that way. I mean, do you really believe the majority of your app-users need or even want that timer? Why isn't it just a feature I can add if I specifically want that, rather than having to spend energy working around that, just so I can use your app?

    --> Please just make the time keeping feature optional, in it's entirety. This issue isn't really update-related, but this feature (or at least forcing it on users) was never a good idea, and it's become more difficult to avoid it after the update.

    I hope this comes across as constructive.

    Kind reagards,

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