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    I've bodged a couple of screen shots which are hopefully pretty self explanatory:

    ^Time and date of last workout finish

    ^ Include total number of sets or number to go and show up-coming exercise

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    Is it possible to remove default stats/goals? I have no interest in biceps curl or triceps extensions and it's a bit untidy having the poncy gym-muppet exercises there.

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    I would love the developers to implement more frames for the gifs. Just take a look at this site which uses gifs where you could actually see how to perform the excersise.



    I find exrx better to use than Jefit at this moment but do they actually make the pictures better i would gladly use Jefit more often than i do now.

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    Also it would be nice if when searching for exercises that i could hold and add them or swipe them left or right, (like gmail) to either add them to routine or exclude them from and add the rest to my routines. And it's kinda irritating when searching/filtering, getting the results then click on the back button all filtered results are lost.

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    The new overall time feature is great, thanks for implementing. I do have a couple question and more requests.
    1. How is the Rest (wasted time)/Working time calculated. Just want to know how to reduce the ratio of work to rest. Do I have to have the individual exercise timer going?
    2. How do I access the workout summary after I am done?

    1. Could you please add total sets to the summary.
    2. If not already possible (if so how do I view) please make it possible to view the summary while in progress, that would be immensely helpful to see how I am doing with time/rest ratio/reps etc
    3. I don't suppose you can put the workout timer one level higher. I frequently switch between workouts and if I don't want to stop the timer I have to mess with exercises on the current workout (thus wasting time).
    4. Lastly (for now :-) ) it would be very cool if we could post the workout summary to our facebook at end of workout like endomondo does, This would be excellent marketing for you too. ;-)

    Again, this is one of the coolest updates so far. Thanks! Keep up the great work!

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    Oh one more item, Is there anyway the app could track actual Max (weight actually lifted) instead of or in addition to the estimated max?

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    I had put this on a different thread, but this looks like the better place for it.

    When creating a routine, I want to enter the weight that I PLAN to do and then the log would show what I ACTUALLY did. I start with a 15RM on certain exercises...and then develop a 13 week plan that stems from that and includes the actual weights, reps, and sets for each exercise. I have it listed on paper now, but would like to move to both iPhone and iPad. I think there needs to be a 4th column for each exercise: Timer, Weight, Reps, and Sets.

    It can even just be informational, but show on the log page so you know what you should be doing. Also, if I'm being would be nice to be able to list multiple PLANNED sets for each exercise. Then you could show a warmup set with a weight/reps, then a progressively heavier weight, or more/less reps, etc.

    All of this comes back to having the ability to pre set what weight you want to lift for a given exercise. The log would still show what was actually done, but I like to be able see and travel with the planned weight/reps/sets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robertrogo View Post
    Hey Kow,

    How is it that the "Actual Workout" is longer than the session? I noticed this in one of my workouts too.

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    Include blood pressure?
    This typically improves/lowers as we get fitter and stronger and is a good marker to measure.

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    Windows 8

    Is there a version for W8 in the works? Please make one, I will buy it.

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