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    Quote Originally Posted by Scorch84 View Post
    could you make it possible to choose other Benchmark Exercises? I want to set targets for the exercises i do.

    Also is it possible to include warm up sets?
    I only can do 3set with 5sets but i would be nice to do it like this:
    Set 1 - 8Reps 40% weight warmup
    Set 2 - 5Reps 60% weight warmup
    Set 3 - 3Reps 80% weight warmup
    Set 4-6 - 5 Reps 100% weight

    Greetings Ben
    Yes, please add this feature, thanks.

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    Any Information if you will implement my suggestion?

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    A warm-up set option would be great. Right now I just separate them into different sets, but this makes my one rep max tracking weird.

    I would also like to add another vote to Pebble integration

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    Quote Originally Posted by MildMethod View Post
    I'm often too hasty and hit save before I enter the correct weight (if I've upped it from my last log - thinking the app should know that my last set was heavier than the last time I did it so it should assume my next set would be heavier too, anyway!) - What would be nice is if I could easily and quickly edit the last entered data without having to jump out of my current routine and editing stuff. Most of the time I cant be stuffed changing my wrongly entered data so my logs/history is often incorrect and less than what I really achieved, which defeats the purpose of this app!

    Running android version btw.
    You don't need to jump out of your routine. There's a log button on the timer screen - you can click it for the log, then click on the latest log entry and edit it. If you're quick enough you can fix it and get back while the timer is still running, just as I did earlier today.

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    Don't know if someone has posted this already, but could there be a better way of uploading pics straight from your iPhone to the progress pics??

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    Hey Dev team,
    First let me start off by saying I absolutely LOVE!!!! this app. I go to the gym 8 days a week (lol) and this thing is my everything in there. A better work out app or better app in general I have yet to find. I wonder if it's possible to add a body fat estimator in to the app. Without tracking a diet or imputing the body comp readings from another device I'm not sure how it would work, but it would be a great addition and something else that I would love to track. Thanks again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bryntevans01 View Post
    Hi JEFIT team,

    just wanted to post a couple of ideas to make the app even more awesome?!

    1- Is there a way to add different set amount to a workout, ie if the sets are 8/6/6/4? as opposed to just one number
    2- Can supersetting be any easier to log?
    3- Can you add a food diary logging to the web/app just to keep all my efforts in one place?

    I realise I cant have everything haha, although I really do enjoy using JEFIT, its an absolute gem and my gym essential.
    Keep up the good work.
    You can actually just input the reps as 8,6,6,4 into the app and it'll do exactly what you're looking for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bryntevans01 View Post
    Yikes! Maybe get some space rockets and fireworks when you hit your target weights too!!!! hahaha
    No seriously, I got a pebble too, and use it to control spotify when working out. If it could be used to register workouts, and show the rest timer, it would be so awesome, as now I constantly have to fiddle with my phone all the time making me look like a dork.

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    (many people already mentioned dropsets so I won't get into that again, but I do give a +1 to that)

    we already have a new countdown timer update, where when you start workout, there is a countdown before it starts. We also have a rest timer countdown long before.

    why not have a same countdown for timed exercises (for example, doing high knees, jumping jacks or burpees for 45 seconds)

    what I end up doing now is setting rest to 45 seconds, inputting 45 sec (for my log) then clicking "save and rest" then using the rest timer as my timer. it is quite hassle to have to switch to your phone's clock-timer as well

    I am not a programmer so I do not know the amount of work needed to be done for this but my idea is:

    for time based exercises, a button "start count" will appear, based on the setting you have set (eg 45 seconds)
    it will automatically countdown 45 seconds
    after 45sec, the beep will sound, and (if you set a rest timer) begin the rest countdown, if not, move to the next exercise
    if you press "stop" during the countdown, then the app will consider the amount you have done (eg 35 sec) and setting that as your record

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    any plans to add apple health support to the JEFIT app ?

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