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    Not a member For more than 30 days but need mine activated as well so I can share with my gym partner. Thanks

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    I'm Not a Robot Either

    Hi, would you be able to change my account as well? Trying to share with some friends.

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    I'm unsure if this is the same issue I'm having, I think my routine is still pending. I shared it with him directly and publicly.
    If I am could you change my account status also? Thanks in advance.

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    I cant share to public data either

    Ive been a member for over one month

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    Cannot share workout

    Quote Originally Posted by JackR22 View Post
    Can you change my account to a normal user (I am not yet to the 30 day limit)--I would like to be able to share my routine with my brother and brother in law. Thanks!
    I'm also trying to make my routine public, but it is grey'd out. Please assist.


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    Change account

    Hello, can you change my account in order to be able to share routines?

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