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    The guy I lift with would like to use the workout that I have created instead of creating it from scratch. Can you change me to a normal user as well?

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    Allow me to Share

    Can you also allow me to share? I need to share my routine with my wife.

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    Can you change mine to, been a user for 50 days


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    Can't share either

    Hey I have also been a member for over 30 days and have activated my account but am still not able to share. Please could you activate me manually so that I can use the feature as I am trying to upload a routine for my sports club to use by Monday but cannot at the moment. Thanks.

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    Thanks Robert. I just checked again and it is allowing me to share now as usual. Not sure what the problem was, maybe the server was down or something. Anyways all good now.

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    i am also having this issue after, i believe, being a member for more than 30 days. i was unable to tell how long i have been a member before posting this. please excuse any poor etiquette for this forum.

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    I've been using this software for over a year, but apparently I forgot to activate my account. Now I want to share a routine and can't. Could I please get my account changed? Many thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robertrogo View Post
    Hey shepardlaw and kiranbeera,

    Sorry for the inability to share your routines with the Jefit Routine Database.

    I have gone into the database and found both of your accounts and set them so that you are able to share your routines on the Routine Database.

    Please let me know if you have any issues at all and that you are able to share your routines on the database.

    Again I apologize for this inconvenience.

    - Robert
    Robert why not let everyone who want to share a routine for the first time fill in a "Image Verification" like you guys call it ?

    btw is it possible to make me also a normal user so i can share my routine ?

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    new comer

    Hey Jefit got recomended to me by a friend and he wants to share workouts with me. help with this would be great.


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    I've also been a member well over a month. Can you change my account too please?

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