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    Question Adding photos to custom exercises

    Is there a way for me to add my own photo to a custom exercise i create?

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    This is a great feature. Whats is ETA on this?


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    I agree. Please add this feature

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    Hello Robert,

    please, is there any news about this feature?
    Do you know, when it will come? I'm really looking forward to this functionality

    Thank you very much for reply and for JeFit app!
    Have a nice day.


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    looking forward to the update on custom exercises. Hope to hear about this update soon. Thanks in advance to Robert & developer team at JeFit.

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    Hello Robert,

    we, the selling users of JEFIT, are looking for the option of using our own pictures in custom exercises for a long time now. The questions about that are nearly one year old. Every month we just can read your suggestions an things like "as soon as possible". I'm really thinking about using another app, which makes it possible to use custom pictures already. I know that this feature is not easy for your creators, but I guess it's one of the Top-3 features the users want to have. So do we need wait another year or ist the function coming really soon?

    Best regards


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    Still Waiting!

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    Will this feature request be added in 2015?

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    Question alternative?

    long time jefit user here, but this always bugged me. I have the same opinion as disazoz, custom exercises are just not that useful without images. For me there is no need to share these images, just give me the possibility to add one...

    hate to ask, but does anybody know an app that allows you to create own exercises with own images?

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    Really necessary feature. With out this one, custom exercises useless. still waiting.

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